The Centennial Mortgage, Inc. Team, including Sunny Fitzgerald and Cindy Ross in Originations and Sheryldene Rogers and Julie Ellithorpe in Underwriting and Jennifer Heckaman in Closing would like to congratulate the owner team at team at CHRISTIAN CHURCH HOMES, for their vision and perseverance in closing the Antioch Rivertown project.

Read what Christian Church Homes had to say:

The Antioch Rivertown RAD for PRAC conversion moved the project to a stable 20 year Section 8 contract for all 50 units of the elderly residents. And the $7,007,200 FHA 223f loan provided funds for repairs as well as funding for 20 years of capital needs.

When we were asked to participate in the preservation of subsidized housing for the elderly, we knew we would be working with a dedicated team of professionals, and the Antioch project brought together an amazing group of people working on one of the first of it’s kind projects. The team at EBI Consulting proved to be an asset with their assistance in the BBRI PCNA and the corresponding FHA PCNA and Etool. Centennial would also like to acknowledge Kenyatte Irby Winston, Ph.D. and Tasia C. at U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Recapitalization and Davin Lal the HUD Account Executive, for their support and guidance on the RAD for PRAC Conversion. Thanks also to the MULTIFAMILY HOUSING: WEST REGION.

The closing team including, Alberto Rivera at Krooth & Altman LLPMike Decina at Kantor Taylor PC and Tanya Xu at HUD put their all into getting this long haul project across the finish line.

We know the residents at #Antioch will be well served in the coming years.

  • Project Name Antioch Rivertwon
  • Project Location Antioch, CA
  • Loan Amount $7,007,200
  • Originator Sunny Fitzgerald
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