The Mission Mavens have been hard at work securing much needed capital improvements again!

These capital improvements were secured for Archbishop Carroll Manor in Miami, Florida. Centennial Mortgage, Inc.’s Vice President, Sunny Fitzgerald, and her team are delighted to have successfully closed another FHA 223(f) project loan for the skilled and vibrant team at Catholic Housing Management (CHM), along with their consultant, Gates Kellett from Gates Development Group, LLC.

Archbishop Carroll Manor, constructed in 1980, is a multifamily project-based Section 8 property located in Miami, Florida. It comprises 236 units of affordable elderly housing. The 223(f) loan is earmarked for capital improvements at the project. By the time construction is complete, this building will be nearly 45 years old, and being rejuvenated with improved living and community spaces for its residents is certainly something to celebrate!

Centennial Mortgage, Inc. takes pride in collaborating with outstanding agencies like CHM to facilitate the transformation of properties such as Archbishop Carroll Manor. Here, residents can continue to be socially and physically active while enjoying a warm, welcoming, and revitalized living space.

Color photograph of Archbishop Carroll Manor in Miami, Florida

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