The Centennial Mortgage, Inc. (CMI) team is pleased to celebrate the first Service Anniversary of Raelee Jones. Raelee started with CMI in December of 2019 as our Chief Underwriter and brought 30 plus years of experience in development and lending to our organization. She has already had a significant impact on the organization having come on board just prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.Raelee has successfully been leading the processing and underwriting of a record number of transactions in a challenging environment. She is uniquely positioned to excel in her role due to her wealth of experience and network of industry thought leaders upon which she can draw. Raelee has cultivated relationships with HUD and her industry peers through her senior level involvement in the Mortgage Banker’s Association FHA Committee, Western Mortgagee Advisory Council and Healthcare Mortgagee Advisory Council.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Raelee enjoys long distance running, dragon boating and YouTube influencing. And she still finds time to enjoy an occasional glass of wine while feeding peanuts to her neighborhood murder of crows.

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