What is the meaning of an FHA Number?

  • The first three digits represent the region or location of the project. All field offices (prior to transformation) have a three-digit code. The field office in closest proximity to the project will be how the first three digits are assigned.
  • The next five digits are broken down as follows:
    • The first two represent the Section of the Act that the project aligns with. The most common of which are:
      • 11 – Refinance of Multifamily property
      • 35 –New Construction of Multifamily property
      • 43 – New Construction of Healthcare property
      • 22 – Refinance of Healthcare property
    • The last three digits represent the sequential order of the project type in a particular office

So, the following project number:  171-11070 indicates the project was closest in proximity to HUD Field Office 171 or Spokane. The next two digits (11) indicate the project was a refinance of a multifamily property and the final three digits (070) indicate this was the approximately the 70th refinance of a multifamily project in the Spokane office. 

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